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Hi there!
You now have the ability to invite a friend to join you at Forge! Due to the need to book a station ahead of time and sign the waivers, all you need to do is send your friend this link: Guest Pass

From there, they can sign the needed docs, pay the drop-in fee ahead of time ($30) and book a station to train!

Here are our updated gym maps to help you plan your bookings! REMEMBER: you MUST book a station. All shared stations can be used during your session but are not for your sole use. All use of the shared stations must be done without excessive delay (this EXCLUDES moveable equipment such as dumbbells, assault bikes, rowers, etc). Scroll down to book and don't hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions! - The Team at Forge



1 - Olympic Lifting Platform (Bumpers, Stand Racks, Jerk Blocks)

2 - Gorila Stand Rack (Vo3 Plates, No Safety's, No Max Reps)

3 - Floor Space Misc

4 - Floor Space - Bench Press/Misc

5/8 - Floor Space (Wallball, HSPU)

6 - Floor Space (Rings/Climbing Rope)

7 - Floor Space (Small Stand Rack)

9 - Floor space (Rings)

10 - Floor Space (Small Stand Rack)

11/12 - Rig Space (Crossfit)

13/14 - Rig Space (Powerlifting Station)

15 - Rig Space (Olympic Lifting/Powerlifting)

16 - Rig Space (Powerlifting - Calibrated Plates)

17 - Olympic Lifting Platform (Training Plates)

18 - Gorila Stand Rack (Bumper Plates)

19/20/21/22 - Hammer Strength Racks

23/24 - Treadmills


GH - Glute/Ham Raise & Reverse Hyper

CC - Cardio Equipment Storage (Rowers/Ski Erg/Assault Bike)

S - Spin Bike

C - Cable Machine

L - Lat Pull Down

R - Seated Row

H - Hack Squat

DB - Dumbbells



1 - Boxing Bag/Kickboxing Bag
2 - Boxing Bag/Kickboxing Bag/Head Hunter Bag
3 - Boxing Bag/Kickboxing Bag/Head Hunter Bag
4 - Boxing Bag/Kickboxing Bag/Head Hunter Bag
5 - Water Bag/Kickboxing Bag
6 - Tear Drop Bag/Pole Bag/Kickboxing

DD - Double Ended Bags
S - Speed Bag
R - Ring


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