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Gym Kids Sep 12- Nov 3: 5-11 Years (16 Sessions, M/Th @ 4PM)

$189.00 Full Cost by Billing, Fixed Term

Strength training isn’t just for adults! Starting Sep 12th, Forge is offering Gym Kids for Ages 5-11 on Monday's and Thursdays at 4pm. Each session runs twice per week for 8 weeks for 40-50mins per class.

Not only is strength training safe for kids when done properly, but it also has numerous benefits. In fact, research suggests kids who are stronger and more conditioned perform better in school and are less likely to engage in unhealthy activities.

What’s the most important factor for kids (and adults)? Strength training is FUN! Fighting bad guys and saving people are great reasons to lift weights, but FUN is by far the biggest motivator!

Proper progression in strength training with children does mean that their training looks a little different than training an adult, or even a teenager.

Our Gym Kids classes work with bodyweight exercises to build a good foundation for load-bearing exercises. Each class consists of a fun warm-up, skill work on 1-2 foundational bodyweight movements, a short workout involving those movements and closes with a game.

As children grow older, stronger, and have mastered basic movements like burpees, push ups, pull ups, they are ready to progress to basic weight training, using multi-joint, compound exercises to start out, and emphasize form rather than the size of the load.

Strength training can be a real game changer for kids, not only in terms of athletic performance, but also when it comes to confidence, focus, and happiness.

We are excited to be expanding our “Forge Fam” to kids!

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